Warning signs of pampering your child too much

Last updated: 2 Jul 2024
 Warning signs of pampering your child too much

A father's heart naturally loves his child. But parenting that pleases your child too much can cause negative effects on your child, such as when your child does something wrong and refuses to warn you. It is a big problem that many fathers overlook.
Today, we're bringing warning signs that will let parents know if they're overindulging their children or not. Let's try and see.


I don't know how to do anything by myself.
Such as dressing, including helping with small household chores as they should. The reason for this is because the father did not let his child try anything on his own.


Can't handle disappointment
Constantly indulging your child will get used to it. When he was a child, he might yell to get what he wanted. But when you grow up and don't get what you want He may go on a rampage, destroying things, until he becomes a person with poor ability to handle disappointment. Until I don't know how to deal with disappointment myself.


I don't know how to accept others.
Because the child has always been number one to the father. Therefore making him a person who cannot accept other people. Until you may become a jealous child I can't see anyone better. Sometimes they may show aggressive behavior towards their father as well.


don't know how to share
When a father indulges his child until it becomes a habit It may cause him to not know how to share social time with friends. For example, when a child sees a friend with a toy, he will cry and want to play with his friend. But when he got the toy, he refused to share it with others to play with.


If parents are raising their children too indulgently Should adjust to new methods of raising and give care. Give friendly advice to your child. I believe it will make him aware. And it's not difficult to understand. But it may take some time.

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