RSV is a dangerous virus for children.

Last updated: 2 Jul 2024
RSV is a dangerous virus for children.

RSV is a dangerous virus for children.
RSV is a virus that can be transmitted through various secretions in the body, such as saliva, mucus, phlegm from an infected person, coughing, or touching germs. The patient will pick up the virus from droplets from the coughing and sneezing of an infected person. The rate of spread is only 1 patient to 1-2 people in general. It does not spread like measles or diphtheria, where a patient sneezes 1 time can spread the infection to 7-12 people. It is often found in children under 5. year


Have a fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose
Oh, sneeze, eat food, or touch things together.
Wash your hands often
avoid touching
Clean up toys


Currently, many young children are still found infected with RSV. The treatment method is similar to the common cold. That is, there is no direct medicine to treat it. But medicine will be given to treat the symptoms. So it's not a very scary disease, but it's better. Therefore, you should prevent your child from contracting RSV by cleaning your child's body and toys frequently.
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