Let's give out how to tips. How to bathe safely for baby

Last updated: 2 Jul 2024
Let's give out how to tips. How to bathe safely for baby

Let's give out how to tips.
How to bathe safely for baby
Bathing a baby It is a very exciting matter for new parents. In every step of bathing, special caution must be taken. Let's look at the correct way to bathe.


1) Support your child's neck.
The first step in bathing your child We also need to prepare bathing equipment. Whether it's a baby bathtub, shower cream, shampoo and sponge. When the equipment is ready, we use our dominant hand to hold the child's neck. Use the palm of your hand to spoon your child's head and turn the child's body towards us. Then slowly bathe the baby.


2) Prevent water from entering the ears. Use your dominant hand to gently support your child's neck. Then use the thumb and little finger of the same hand. Press down on your baby's ears and hold his head slightly lower than his body. So that the water slowly flows back down towards the head.


3) Lock the body to prevent slipping and cleaning after
After cleaning the front Let's clean the back of the little one. Using our dominant arm and putting it under the child's head. Passing through the neck Or use your index finger and thumb to insert under your armpit. Then grab and lock the little one's upper arm. Then clean your child's back. Use your dominant hand to lock one of your baby's arms. Then use your arms to support your child's chest.


Just like this, we can bathe our little ones cleanly and safely.
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