55th BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy event

Last updated: 2 Jul 2024
55th BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy event

The 55th BBB...Baby & Kids Best Buy event ended on May 9-12 at the recent IMPACT Challenger.

bebi baby bobu attended the BBB event for the first time, which was considered a great event. In terms of products of the little one Including activities for fathers and mothers to bring their children to participate in various activities within the event and many other activities within the event.

bebi baby bobu is pleased to be a part of this event. And was impressed by both the activities organized within the event and impressed by the parents and mothers who supported them. and love the brand Bebi Baby Bobu very well, including the very first booth opening, very happy Seeing the smiles of father, mother, and child makes Bebi Baby Bobu very happy as well.

bebi baby bobu would like to thank the BBB organizer for being here.
And finally, bebi baby bobu will also attend BBB's event again on 1-4 August at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. See you again.

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